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Abortion Clinics

Abortion clinics johannesburg  Abortion clinic Johannesburg offers safe termination of pregnancy. Non surgical abortion (abortion pills)which is supposed to stop your pregnancy.

Hinder the pregnancy from growing and vaginal suppositories of termination pills which will help to expel your pregnancy. with no major complications,  no risks for future ability to have children. Get a legal abortion at women clinics jhb one of the Gauteng best professional abortion clinic.

For pregnancies under 10 weeks’ gestation you may take the medical termination at the same time, or you may leave the clinic after taking the first set of pill and return 1-3 days later to take the second set of pills.

Your healthcare professional will discuss your particular options with you – there are different potential risks involved with each option. Taking both medicines at the same time is convenient for many women but causes more side effects and is less effective than when the medicines are taken at least one day apart.

It is important that you understand the differences between your options – so please read the table below and talk to your healthcare professional about what is best for you.same day pain free abortion, safe abortion clinic in gauteng, same day abortion clinic

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